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■ 2015      Began cooperation with DJI in the end of 2015, entered UMV field.
■ 2015     Expanded capacity to meet customer demand.  Over 1000 CNC machine, over 200 spin line and diamond cutting precise cutting machine,  over 200 laser marking and welding machine, 2 automatic anodizing line, 1 ME treatment line, over 200 sandblasting, hairline and polishing machine, becoming professional supplier for mobile phone main frame.
■ 2015   Merged with Fenda Technology (002681), becoming a list company in China market.
■2014   Began cooperation with vivo, to supply precise metal cosmetic parts for vivo mobile phone.
■2013   Began cooperation with Nike, to supply cosmetic metal parts for Nike smart band.
■2007   Set up the 1st semi-automatic anodizing line, and started to study cosmetic treatment.
■2006   Began cooperation with Sony Ericson and became its development supplier. OPD started to supply cosmetic metal and structural components for Sony Ericson.
■2005   Began independent research and development in diamond cutting machine, automatic hairline machine, automatic polishing machine, manipulator and other professional equipment, then process was getting diversified and achieved  
successful transformation to mobile phone products.
■2004    Set up a development department for non-standard equipment and fixture in the end of 2004. OPD can manufacture special fixture and equipment according to customer demand, which improved capacity and yield greatly and reduced the process cost, at the same time obtained a number of patent certification.
■2004   Turned to mobile phone industry. 
Main product: mobile phone cosmetic metal part and structural part. 
Main customer: Nokia, BenQ-Siemens.
■1995   OPD was founded in Shenzhen, specializing in design and manufacturing of precise metal mold and stamping production. Products are mainly used in automobile, copying machine, printer, laptop, camera,  ATM, household appliances etc. Main customer: NSK, NHK, Canon, Panasonic, SHARP, Ricoh and so on.

Add: OPD Technology Park, No.462 Xiangshan Avenue,Luotian Community,Songgang Street,Baoan Shenzhen, China


E-mail: Edgar.yaochunqing@fenda.com


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