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Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 1995, Shenzhen.
Professional precision metal , plastic & new material part supplier, especially focus on cosmetic treatment. OPD devoted itself to serving high quality cosmetic & structural components for all top-brand cell phone enterprises and their ODM, OEM etc.
Product: Cosmetic & structural components  for Smartphone, Wearable device, Tablet PC, Camera and Unmanned aerial vehicle and other consumer electronics products, Metal Nano injection molded parts, New composite material cosmetic part .
Registered capital: RMB 160 million .
Manpower: Over 2500
Quality policy:
Advanced manufacturing, Prompt response, High quality, Continuous improvement
Environment policy
Environmental protection advocating,  Law and regulation compliance, Resources saving, Environmental friendly.
Customer centered, continuous innovation, to achieve common development of employees and the company.

Add: OPD Technology Park, No.462 Xiangshan Avenue,Luotian Community,Songgang Street,Baoan Shenzhen, China


E-mail: Edgar.yaochunqing@fenda.com


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